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Dont go to "PrivateAudioSchool" Summary and References 
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turtlerock said:

Ben your a card 

"bitter " has not been mentioned anywhere but by you – so  whats that all about ?


I went to your soundcloud to see whats up ….

I think everybody who reads these posts should go there too 


OK so I am not needed  by you – well that is  by your own admission .. cool 

and I dont do masterclasses .. who would come anyway ?


So I am out of here 


Go make some   music I  reckon

its a good thing  for all of us to do 


Sorry Rick I hope I did not offend you by saying I didn't need you I only meant that my own limited mastering skills and equipment was adequate.  I would come to the masterclass, I mean who wouldn't I have said a couple of disparaging things a year ago to, I think it was Andy but it was in jest and I think just maybe you get what I am up to, finally.  Yes I like to push buttons!!!


As for the bitter thing, I just thought perhaps I came across as being bitter and I tend to write in a stream of conscious way, so everything comes out, like a hard night on the turps and a curry for after.


As for my tunes, did you like them, hate them or were meh or even pretentious.  It’s all good I am a lot tougher than most precious artists.


Thanks for the chat and yes off to make some music, it's just so hard now that I am older, fortunately I have a hard drive full of old stuff that I am fixing at the moment.



"In search of the lost digital chord"
"Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one-so exercise yours"
Ben BCT (Bachelor of Creative Technology, JMC Academy) MMusTech (Master of Music Technology, The University of Newcastle)

Fri May 27, 2011 2:33 pm
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Man, wise up.

We all know the Lady pounces it up.......maybe you should too?

Oh?'re too old now.............and missed your chance?

Either freak up or help someone else do it man!

If you can't perform the material properly, just write it and produce it!

Haven't you got all the degrees?

Fri May 27, 2011 9:50 pm
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OK everyone. This one's getting bit long in the tooth.

Let's leave this alone now shall we?

I probably should have shut down this particular thread as it started Dr Hash...

To quote the rules: "4. Do not labour a point after a thread concerning the same point has been removed or has run it's course."

Topic closed.

Brad Watts

Sat May 28, 2011 12:51 am
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