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How did you start out? 
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Hi there,


Although I've been involved with live audio for a good 10 years, some volunteered and some paid, I'm only relatively new to making a living out of live audio (I work for a teriary college).

I have had to do a lot of learning from my mistakes, like always having backup options for when equipment fails.


Does anyone have any stories about how they got started, whether in the live or studio industry? And maybe what mistakes you had to learn from?



Sat Dec 11, 2010 4:57 am
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I started being employed as a sound recordist on a kids tv show in 1990 and then by an effort to learn more, became an audio operator, using analog 2 and 8-track machines on a daily basis in the early days.. Cueing up 1/4" two track on PFL for the upcoming live playout was great fun!. So was making up a 3 minute voice over bed one sentence at a time by dropping in and hoping you didnt get any extra sylables. I used an 8-track to make commercials, often using all tracks as I sometimes got carried away wanting to add more effects etc to make a really dense and exciting mix.

The thing I always enjoyed the most was on the variety shows we did in the 90's where a musician or band came in, and I had the chance to do my best to come up with a great mix using limited gear and time. We had Tommy Emmanuel, Troy Cassar-Daley, Brian Cadd among others through…It was great-I had a ball.

For Tommy I grabbed the Audio Technica AT4033 form the voice over booth and sat it in front of his accoustic. The floor manager took advantage of my naivity and asked me where his vocal mic was. I asked Tommy if he would be singing and he said…"Well as a singer, I make a pretty good guitarist!". Oh…ok no vocal mic then I guess….hmm.

I was pretty proud of some of the mixes. I always recorded a 2-track onto DAT to critically listen back in the name of improving my skills.

Fast-forward to today…I am setting up a home studio and love the technology we have available today.

I hope to not waste my money but will save up a little more to buy tried and tested gear that will last and sound great.

Good times!. 

Sat Dec 11, 2010 5:12 am
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I guess in real terms I'm still a young-un, but I can certainly see where I've come from and up until now.

Started play saxophone in grade 5.

Played in big bands and improvised from the time I started out.

Got interested in computers, technology etc.

Went to go down the Maths and Science pathway in senior to do Mechatronic Engineering.

Followed an Engineer around for a day a week for a school term and decided I didn't want to do that.

Found out about the Bachelor of Music Technology at the Queensland Conservatorium.

Applied with some compositions and recordings that I'd done.  Honestly I look back on some of them and shudder LOL.

Became interested in sound for Video Games, but somehow fell into Sound for film, which I am currently doing, unpaid unfortunately, but getting there.

For money I'm currently writing, playing, recording etc. older Top 40 songs as different genres for dance CD's, and enjoying every minute of it.


I guess that's dot points lol.  In the future I want to continue more with sound for film, maybe move into sound for video games, although I'm not completely sure anymore.  Still doing sound for mods though.  And definately when funds allow get back into surround composition and messing with peoples heads.


Mon Dec 13, 2010 9:52 am
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I bought Pro Tools six years ago to realise my dream of putting out my own music. I used it to record the drums for 13 songs very badly. I've spent the time since trying to fix up what I did back then in between being a dad and working in IT.

Last year with the help of a great friend, Chris Ryan, I was able to fix 10 drum tracks by tightening up the performance and replacing the sounds with samples. Now I'm working on the tracks again from scratch before they go over to Chris who'll mix them in his studio in the UK.

I've recently upgraded from a Digi002 rack to the Digi003 Rack+, bought a Shure Drum Kit Microphone Set and a suite of plug ins with the idea of setting up a small studio when we by our new house in Newcastle. I'd like to record some local bands to figure out how to make it all happen with no commercial aspect in mind.


Tue Dec 21, 2010 4:40 am
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